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Farming Careers Day (2017)

Several students from St Arnaud Secondary College participated in our Farming Careers Day. Working with the St Arnaud Young Farmers, several activities were provided to both explain and experience what a career on the land would entail, and discuss how the students could work towards the skills and knowledge they would require. A forum allowed the students to talk with and ask questions of several farmers who graciously donated their time to this project, and in the afternoon, a tour of a working farm gave the students an introduction to the equipment and practices they would encounter if they took up farming as a career.

Partners & Funding

St Arnaud Neighbourhood House


partnered with

St Arnaud Young Farmers


St Arnaud Secondary College

This St Arnaud Neighbourhood House Engage! 2015-2017 Alliance Project was completed with support from:

IMG_5099 Shearing 3
IMG_5097 Shearing 2
IMG_5095 Shearing 1
IMG_5094 Drone 4
IMG_5093 Drone 3
IMG_5092 Drone 2
IMG_5091 Drone 1
IMG_5083 Tractor 4
IMG_5081 Tractor 3
IMG_5080 Tractor 2
IMG_5079 Tractor 1
IMG_5077 Seeder 5
IMG_5075 Seeder 4
IMG_5073 Seeder 3
IMG_5072 Seeder 2
IMG_5071 Seeder 1
IMG_5069 Harvester 4
IMG_5067 Harvester 3
IMG_5066 Harvester 2
IMG_5065 Harvester 1
IMG_5059 Lunch 3
IMG_5060 Lunch 4
IMG_5057 Lunch 2
IMG_5056 Lunch 1
IMG_5053 Talk 1
IMG_5055 Talk 3
IMG_5054 Talk 2
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